Hilar Dog Meme

I’m not one to look at memes for hours on end but every once in a while a friend sends me something worth mentioning.  This one, ladies and gentlemen, is hilarious, adorable AND TRUE.

hilar dog meme

Das cute.  This picture accurately depicts how I feel every day in the kitchen.  Wtf is happening!?  How could I roast perfect eggplant the first 2 times I ever tried but now I always get burnt shlop?  The universe is a mystery.  But at least we have dogs, and memes, and my mom’s fool proof banana bread recipe… coming your way!


Banana Coffee Cake with Heath Streusel FAIL #1


Ok so I know what you’re thinking… this looks amaaaazing. Well, that’s because it was… 5 months ago when I made it! Look at that perfect crumbly streusel topping. Uggghh, I am drooling just thinking about it. And lets recap, whyyy can’t I have it again? Because I lost the sacred recipe!


What I got the next time I tried…


Dont get me wrong, this tasted good. Real good. But it just wasn’t the same. The streusel turned into some sort of molten hot lava disastrophe, and the cake (although moist and flavorful) was just not that same fluffy-dream-treat-texture.  😦

The good news is, I wrote this recipe down.  So with any luck, I can bring it back to the epic heights of my first try, uhmmm, 14 more tries later?

New Years Resolution

Ok, so after an almost year long hiatus, I’ve decided to make some real life moves.  Back to the blog she goes!  Today I considered making my (world famous) banana coffee cake with heath streusel topping… and then I couldn’t find the recipe I used online.  Nooooooooo! Noooooo… ooooo!!  

Lesson learned.  17 Lessons ago.

“Why not just write things down?” you ask.  No answer.  And so on the 18th day, there was a new years resolution.

My mom returned from Geneva this summer with a beautiful hand bound book for me that I have deigned Kathryn’s Kreative Kook Book… or something like that.  And I have resolved to write every recipe that means anything to anyone (or maybe just me) in it!  Woohoo!  And just to be sure I don’t lose THAT book and cry for years and years to come, all the best recipes will go up here.  At last.  Where they belong.  So stay tuned, and please don’t be discouraged by my absence.  I always keep my New Years Resolutions.  Starting now.  

…aaaand we’re off!

I’ve been talking about doing this blog thing for over a year now (procrastination nation).  Every project, everything I’ve ever done has to wait til the last minute, but when it comes to food I somehow find ambition. Reading recipes & experiementing with different flavors is just so damn fun and rewarding!  well sometimes…

Lets see what we can make!