Hi all!  I’m Kathryn.  And this is me after a looooong day of walking around Venice with my Dad, just before energizing up with an assorted seafood platter at a small cafe.  As you can see, I’ve had happier times.  What I did leading up to this moment: think about the next meal, talk about what the next meal would be, feign interest at beautiful sights while secretly scanning for a delicious looking meal.  All said and done, I could not go on any longer searching for the perfect meal for fear of fainting into a canal.  So we stopped at this quaint, empty cafe and had the most delicious and bizarre assortment of seafood I have ever had.  WIN.  I’d like to say all my eating escapades take place in such fun and exotic locals but for the most part I have to bring them to my very own kitchen.

And so here is my blog, dedicated to the one thing I actually have the ambition to wake up and do.  Eat.

About Le Pann

I like to eat and I cannot lie.

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